Roof moisture in digital and IR

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Flat Roof Scan
Document Areas of Moisture Settling in Flat Roofs
Identify Small Problems Before They Become Large
Identify Sources of Moisture Intrusion

Electrical Scan
Pin Point Hot Spots in Electrical Systems
Reduce Downtime Which Contributes to Increased Profits
Reduce Unscheduled Outages Due to Failures
Reduce Cost by Increasing Efficiency
A Proactive Approach to Maintenance

HVAC System Scans
Detect air leaks in ducts and connections
Identify the existence of moisture problems
Provide status of equipment performance

Moisture Detection - Residential and Commercial
Identify Hidden Moisture Damage
Pre and Post Mold Abatement

Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program Development
Identify Equipment Deficiencies Early
Prevent Costly Downtime

Contact RK Infrared for your thermal imaging inspection services.

Water damage from leak evident on floor
Infrared shows fuse in block 
under load
Infrared reveals hidden moisture in flat roof shown in blue
Serving all of South Texas 
Certified Thermographer
# 35278
Moisture discovered in between insulation wrap and chiller line
Infrared Technology is used to capture an image that shows temperature variations in various materials. These temperature variations tell a story of what has happened, or what is going to happen. Infrared Technology identifies areas that show an uncharacteristic thermal signature that often cannot be seen with the naked eye.