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The primary cause of roof failure is undetected wet insulation.  Leaks in a flat roof are difficult to detect from a visual inspection.  Moisture meters can't give a picture of the full extent and exact location of water intrusion.  

Infrared scans provide a detailed picture of the problem.

The materials in roof assemblies have relatively low thermal capacitance especially when compared to water.  Water requires a lot of energy to raise its temperature and likewise must release a lot of energy to cool.  The physics used for thermal roof inspections is that dry roof insulation heats up and cools down faster than wet roof insulation.  Infrared scans detail these temperature differences.

Once water penetrates a flat roof, it is not likely to dry naturally.   Roofing insulation acts like a sponge when water penetrates the top layer of roofing material, and actually traps the water.  Water soaked insulation not only loses its insulating qualities but will corrode and deteriorate the decking below the roofing material.  Over time this moisture will result in extensive damage and deck failure.  

RK Infrared will use high-resolution infrared cameras.  Scanning a commercial flat roof with infrared allows you to see the water that is trapped in the roof.
We also provide a written report that includes infrared images and digital photos of each anomaly found during the roof scan.  In addition, we will mark each suspect anomaly on the roof so it can be easily assessed and/or repaired by a licensed roofing company.


Most new roofs will have water leaks within the first year.  The average life span of a flat roof is 7 years, but it could last as long as 20 years if correctly installed and maintained.  Infrared roof inspections stand above all other methods for prolonging the life of a flat roof.  

Often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection.  A yearly infrared inspection will discover leaks in flat roofs while they are small, and before extensive damage occurs.  This will substantially lower repair costs over the life of the roof.   Periodic inspections and routine maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the long term service life of any flat roof system.  
Infrared dramatically shows the extent of the water (yellow areas) below the roofing material.
Visual inspection cannot see water soaked insulation clearly revealed with infrared.
RK Infrared scans are an inexpensive tool to get the most out of your flat roof and roof maintenance dollars.  The cost of an infrared scan will quickly be recovered by less costly roof repairs and an extended roof life.  

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