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An Infrared scan provides valuable information on the condition of your electrical distribution system and other electrical equipment.  This information can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly repairs, downtime, and dangerous failures resulting in fires or explosions.   

Infrared cameras can pinpoint common electrical faults quickly and accurately.  Infrared images can identify potential equipment failures before they happen.  Resistance from loose connections creates heat that shows up in infrared, pinpointing the exact location of the defect that will simplify repairs and protect adjacent components.  This in turn will reduce cost of repairs and potential down times.  This information helps you better manage your maintenance budget and will save costs in the long run.  

Before electrical components burn up, they first heat up.  Infrared is used to perform preventive maintenance inspections on electrical equipment because excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble in electrical or mechanical equipment. These failures come in the form of loose connections, imbalanced circuits, defective breakers, damaged switches, faulty fuses or fuse clips, overloaded circuits, workmanship or material defects and a wide range of other conditions which eventually lead to excess heat and component failure.

Infrared Inspections can find problems early in the failure cycle.  Early detection allows your maintenance personnel to take corrective action before a component fails, minimizing damage to the component, reducing repair costs, eliminating production losses, preventing safety hazards and saving energy.  Infrared scanning of electrical components and systems should be part of any predictive maintenance program and performed on a routine basis. The use of Infrared to detect the early indications of failure is a prudent and very cost effective solution to electrical predictive maintenance.  With infrared, preemptive action can be taken to minimize equipment breakdowns and safety hazards.

Having an infrared scan of your electrical systems now is a very low, cost-effective tool to minimize the risk or injury, liability, catastrophic failures and downtime in the future.  Few things have a greater return on investment than an infrared electrical scan. 

Predictive Maintenance Programs

Studies by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) estimate a properly functioning predictive maintenance program can provide a savings of 30-40% over reactive maintenance.  Other independent surveys indicate that, on average, starting an industrial predictive maintenance program results in the following savings:

  • Return on investment:                    10 times
  • Reduction in maintenance costs:      25-30%
  • Elimination of breakdowns:             70-75%
  • Reduction in downtime:                  35-45%
  • Increase in production:                   20-25%
"... Infrared inspection programs have proven that on average for every $1 spent on infrared electrical inspections, there is a $4 return on investment for materials and labor from fixing the problems before it fails."  --  Cost/Benefit Analysis of Infrared Programs, Sandy Sanor, Maintenance Technology, June 2001.
Ask your insurance provider if they offer discounts if you have infrared inspections on your electrical distribution system and/or electrical equipment.

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Infrared scan identifies overheated or overloaded circuits.
Critically hot fuse connection shown using Infrared
Infrared scan monitors electrical motor performance