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Moisture behind walls, over ceilings, in carpets, under floors and in insulation is often difficult to detect unless the problem is excessive and visible to the naked eye.  Infrared technology is now being used to do what once was impossible.

Roof leaks, water pipe leaks, and air-conditioning systems are the most common sources of water accumulation.  RK Infrared does not need to tear down walls nor remove insulation to locate water damage.  

If you suspect a major or minor water issue, contact RK Infrared.  We will show you the whole story.
Infrared Tells the Whole Story

Water intrusion is the ultimate enemy of any roof.  Once water penetrates a flat roof, it is not likely to dry naturally.  Leaks in a flat roof can be very difficult to find visually, and can cause extensive damage before being discovered.  A scan of a commercial flat roof with an infrared camera allows you to see water that is trapped in the roof.  Many leaks in flat roofs can be discovered by infrared before extensive damage happens.

We recommend a commercial roof scan every year as part of your property's maintenance program.

Contact  RK Infrared for a FREE demonstration and estimate. 
Infrared reveals moisture pool resulting  from improperly routed AC condensation drain
Infrared reveals excessive moisture in insulation directly above electrical box.
Following 3 days of drying, infrared image reveals unseen moisture in plywood decking.  Replacing drywall at this point could result in mold growth.  
Hidden moisture trapped in layers of roofing material easily seen with infrared

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